Phone business

From first to sixth: Huawei’s phone business goes bankrupt thanks to US sanctions

Enlarge / A live visit to Huawei headquarters. Trade war! United States vs. China See more stories US sanctions against Huawei are really taking hold. A new report from Canalys Research shows that Huawei slipped to sixth place for global phone sales in the fourth quarter of 2020, a dramatic drop from its top spot […]

Phone business

LG wants to sell its phone business to a Vietnamese manufacturer

LG could leave the smartphone business and is already in talks with potential suitors to buy its unit. After yesterday’s reports on LG’s internal memo notifying employees of this step, Korean dailies today report that the company may sell the smartphone segment to a Vietnamese conglomerate, VinGroup. According to Business Korea, VinGroup has the most […]

Phone accessories

String Ting is behind the adorable phone accessories you see in every celebrity selfie

Celebrity lockdown selfies are much brighter these days thanks to Ting chain. Founder Rachel Steed-Middleton was keen to “teach [her] his daughter and stepchildren to give back,” then began selling handmade bead bracelets to neighbors and friends to raise money for charity during London’s first lockdown. “It was like the pearl equivalent of a lemonade […]