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5 Samsung Cell Phone Accessories 2022

As you know, you can already buy the latest mobile models from Samsung, which is perhaps one of the best smartphones we will see among other brands. And it is, without a doubt, one of the most complete that we have been able to see, in addition to having a very innovative design that, so far, we have only seen, as such, in the LG G6.

We recently talked about the best smartphone accessories, but now we will only cover Wholesale Samsung Cell Phone Accessories. In this article, we will recommend the top 5 must-have Samsung accessories for your smartphone.

5 accessories for Samsung mobile phones

1. Wireless Charger

Samsung has integrated for some generations the possibility of recharging its main cars wirelessly, something extremely comfortable and with an operation as simple as leaving the terminal on the charger.

One of the positive points of this wireless charger is its neat design and also the fact that it has a fast charging protocol despite charging the device wirelessly. A must have for your Samsung Galaxy model.

2. Alcantara cover

This case, which Samsung has named Alcantara Cover, will be a good companion for your Samsung Galaxy model, it is available in several colors available and, as with the rest of the cases we are going to show you today, it has been designed by Samsung .

This one especially has a rough touch that will prevent your mobile from slipping out of your hands and its appearance is quite beautiful, therefore, it will protect your terminal without making it too ugly, neither for the eyes nor for the touch.

Samsung DeX

3. Samsung DeX

The Samsung DeX is perhaps the best accessory we’ve seen for an Android smartphone so far. It’s a docking station with multiple USB ports and an Ethernet port, which you can plug your Samsung Galaxy S8 into so you can use a desktop version of Android on a single screen.

A luxury because if you use your computer for office work or consume multimedia, you can replace it with Samsung DeX to save space on your desk. A purchase that we recommend. These kinds of products you can buy from dhgate.

4. Clear sight case

In this case, we find a shell with a shell designed by Samsung, whose shell is translucent, so that you can see the screen of the terminal at all times. Something that becomes particularly important with Always On Display.

This case is an excellent option if you like cases with a cover, because in addition to protecting the terminal, it allows you to access the lock screen and music controls without having to open it.

5. Transparent cover

Another highly recommended accessory if you are one of those people who are not convinced by a cover with cover – which in the end deteriorates the experience of the terminal a little – but you also do not like to use your smartphone without protection.

This transparent cover was designed by Samsung to be as comfortable as possible, as it protects the back of your terminal from scratches, but without being big enough to protect against a good fall. Something ideal if you want the terminal to be protected, but without adding too much extra thickness.

transparent cover

Bonus Track: Bikini Cape

As a bonus, we are pleased to announce that the bikini cover we talked about a few moments ago is now available for you to purchase and put on. Samsung smart phone.

This case is pretty ugly, in my opinion. But if you buy it, we have no doubt that your Samsung mobile phone will be the center of attention wherever you go.