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5 Stupid Phone Accessories We Can’t Help But Love Anyway

We’ll be straight with you here: all the phone accessories you see shouldn’t have been made. There are many that give you chills knowing that a meeting room full of people somewhere thought it was a good idea. Maybe you even gave in to temptation and picked up an accessory that you weren’t always proud to use. We understood.

But sometimes you come across an item that just clicks. There’s just something about it that tickles your nerd fancy, and you just have to have it. This may be an item that seems ridiculous, but can actually fill some kind of niche that only concerns you. We get it, and we’re here to wave our nerd flags with you.

Here are five articles we’ve come across that are ridiculous, dumb, or both, but we just love them.

Straight Nostalgic Game: Fisher-Price Chatter Phone


Any child can identify themselves to the Fisher Price Chatter phone. You probably dragged it behind you or picked up the handset, along with the body, because of the three-inch cord that came with it. The eyes moved and it made fun sounds and bells. It was the perfect phone for a three to five year old. But alas, we’ve all grown up – or have we?

In honor of its 60th anniversary, Fisher-Price has developed a real working Chatter phone that you can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and make calls with. According to Fisher-Price, it features “a chunky design, colors, eyes, and hands-on technology.” That’s quite the sales pitch. Our mobile section editor, Ajay, said, “If I ever get a corporate office job, I’m going to pick up this phone and take all my business calls very seriously on it.”

Is this the most amazing accessory you can have? No. Is it a serious nostalgic piece that you’ll probably regret? Almost certainly, yes. But we have to admit it’s fun and compelling. Well done Fisher-Price.

Ring-ring-ring-ring-ringing-ringing: banana phone!

The banana phone is in a fruit bowl.

Ever since there have been telephones, people have been pretending that bananas are telephones. Well, don’t pretend anymore. This banana phone is a Bluetooth connected banana that you connect to your smartphone and use to make and take calls. If you’re wondering why, that’s a good question, and you’ll be glad to know that there’s no right answer except “Why not?” »

Truth be told, you could probably walk around a public space holding a real banana to your ear, pretend to have a phone conversation, and you’d get the same reaction from passers-by. But why do that when you can have a real Bluetooth banana? Additionally, Banana Phone (the company, not the product) donates 2% of profits to gorilla conservation projects. How awesome is that? It’s so shamelessly stupid, but it captured our hearts.

Do It This Way: Star Trek Bluetooth Communication Badge

This Bluetooth-connected Star Trek Com badge is so chic and nerdy.

We’re pretty sure the photo tells the whole story here, but just in case, we’ll answer a few basic questions. Does he look like a Star Trek communicator? Yes. Does it work like one? A little sort of. Will that help you get a date for Saturday night? It depends on your environment, to be perfectly honest. If you’re in a convention hall, that probably won’t hurt your chances.

More seriously, it’s a communicator that attaches to your clothes with a magnetic plate that you wear under your shirt. It’s on the thick side, much thicker than the prop you saw on TV, but it’s not terrible. Double-clicking activates your phone’s assistant, and you can tell it to call whoever you want. So in that way, it’s kind of like a Star Trek communicator, and who are we to argue? When you really stop and think about it, once Bluetooth technology was invented, that was the inevitable conclusion.

As an honorable mention, we’ll direct you to the Communicator CGU that connects to your phone and charges wirelessly. Of course, why you would want to use a wearable instead of another wearable to make a call is not a question we can answer.

Good Size Pockets: Z Flip Pocket Denim

Two people are holding a Galaxy Z Flipup 3 wearing jeans designed for the phone.

Foldables are making a splash this year, thanks in large part to Samsung, so it only makes sense that some accessories are starting to make their way to the public in support of them. We admit we didn’t really see that coming, though. Samsung has teamed up with Dr. Denim to develop a pair of pants with pockets specially designed for the Galaxy Z Flip3. Not only that, but Samsung released a two-page press release announcing them. It could have been worse; we could have gotten Unpacked 3 after all.

Did we mention this is a limited series? That’s right, only 450 pairs of these pants will be made, featuring a “Z” in the design and a Flip3 compatible pocket. The rarity versus the popularity of the Galaxy Z Flip3 probably explains the exorbitant price of these jeans. They’ll set you back $1,499, which, by the way, is a higher price than even the Bespoke Galaxy Flip3.

This price is why these jeans fall into the category of “dumb phone accessories”. We love that Samsung is supporting its foldable ecosystem in the fashion industry. It’s definitely better than just pulling out some cheap cases and calling it a day. But pricing that high is just a little stupid, and by “a little stupid” we mean a lot of stupid.

Keeping Things Cool: Phone Umbrella Suction Cup Holder

This phone holder contains an umbrella to protect your phone from sun and rain.

Some of you may look at this latest accessory and simply wonder “Why?” We understand that reaction, but stick with us here. A glass-backed phone will be perfect for holding this suction cup, giving you just a bit more grip on the phone. It’s removable, so you don’t need to have it with you all the time, and who among us hasn’t suffered from a phone overheating at one time or another?

Moreover, it is multifunctional. You can remove the umbrella and stick the pig to the bottom of your phone, and just like that, you get hands-free support. It’s that kind of versatility that we really appreciate in a phone accessory. But let’s be real for a second – is this the best way to spend twenty bucks? Probably not, but the sub-$20 price tag is well into impulse buy territory, and it has that certain ridiculous factor that can be a real conversation starter at parties. Also, you know you always complain that your phone has no IP rating? Ok, that one is a bit overkill. Still, we can’t take our eyes off it.

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