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8 phone accessories you should never buy from your carrier

No matter where you like to shop, it helps to know what you need to buy and where from. For example, there are some things you should never buy from the Apple Store, just like there are some things you should never buy from Best Buy. And there are at least a few things you shouldn’t buy on Amazon.

Likewise, there are some things you shouldn’t buy from your carrier. Most of us don’t visit our carrier’s store often. But whether you’re in the store buying a new phone, getting your current phone fixed, or just because you’re at the mall, there are all kinds of accessories out there that can tempt you. Don’t give in! Here are some of the things we advise you not to buy from your carrier.

1. Smart Phone Cases

Don’t buy smartphone cases from your carrier |

If you just got a new phone, it might seem like a good idea to put a case on it as soon as possible. (We salute your responsibility.) But if you pick up a smartphone case from your carrier’s store, you’re pretty much guaranteed to overpay for it. It is important to protect a brand new smartphone from bumps and bruises. But if you can make it home, just do some research online and order what you need from Amazon or another retailer. You’re guaranteed to get a better deal, and possibly a case better able to protect your phone in the event of a drop.