Phone store

Armed robbery of Frankford Avenue telephone store

by Alex Lloyd Gross

On January 19, 2022, employees at the Metro PCS store in the 4600 block of Frankford Avenue went to work assisting customers. Everything was fine, it was a normal day, until 3:54 p.m. It was then that two men, one of whom was armed with a gun, entered the store and robbed it. The clerk was unarmed and handed over a small amount of cash.

The two masked robbers then headed north on Frankford Avenue and their whereabouts are unknown. They had at least one gun and the clerk didn’t. In anyone’s book, that makes them cowards. The police want to bring them to justice. They just released the video this week, but they’re hoping someone recognizes the males. A man, who appears to be white, wears a black hoodie with a heart on it and green gloves with a green ski mask. He’s the one with the gun.

His accomplice wears a blue jacket and a black ski mask. He stays behind and keeps watch.

If you have any information about this crime or these suspects, please contact:
Northeast Detective Division:
CD 22-15-004048

Alex Lloyd Gross

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