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Best anti-stress phone accessories 2022

Mental health wellness is a process, and there are many steps you can take to ensure your well-being. For everyday stress relief on a small scale, these are the best phone accessories you can get. Play with a fidget spinner phone grip, or pop the bubbles satisfyingly, in some of these phone cases.

All of our picks bring a bit of joyful distraction to the table – sometimes literally. Don’t underestimate the power of these little trinkets to help you feel calmer, more serene, and a little less anxious.

Pop, squeeze, spin or smash these phone accessories

Pace yourself with an awesome phone accessory

The best anti-stress phone accessories come in many shapes and sizes. If you’re a jitterbug like me, you’ll benefit from at least one or two of our picks.

Our first and foremost recommendation is the ArtCreativity Squeezable Smile Phone Holder. It’s shaped like an adorable cartoon character and features an approachable smile. If something triggers your emotions, squeezing one of these light-up phone holders should help lighten your mental load. The ArtCreativity Squeezable Smile Phone Holder is not a car phone holder, so you should also consider taking an accessory on the go.

For more wearable anti-anxiety phone accessories, get the Sproccyt from Killer Concepts. You can choose the metal color and pattern you like. Playing with the Killer Concepts Sprockyt is similar to playing with a fidget spinner. Watching the Sproccyt Ring Holder spin over and over should soothe nervous nerves. If you don’t like any of the Killer Concepts colorways, then the AUKE and ebulous phone grips are great cost-effective alternatives.

For people who like to pop bubble wrap, YH&GS Pop its Case and B-wishy Stress Relief Phone Case are suitable choices. They’re made of a thick, durable silicone material and unlike your standard bubble wrap, these cases have reusable bubble wrap. Of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention the fantastic MuZiFei 3D Butt Peach Case for the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. You can squash the protruding peach-like buttock at the back to fight your worries. If anything, the ridiculousness of the act will surely make you laugh.