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Cell Phone Accessories: Compare Cases, Batteries and More

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Key Facts About Mobile Accessories Comparison

  • If you’re looking to get the most out of your phone or simply to protect what is often expensive equipment, you’ll need to look for the best mobile phone accessories.
  • From phone cases and screen protectors to wireless chargers and car mounts, the sheer variety of smartphone accessories available is overwhelming.
  • Once you know what kind of accessory you need, the key is to make sure you find something that’s compatible with your phone model.

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What are my main options?

If you want to buy mobile phone accessories online, you are spoiled for choice. There is a huge range of accessories you can buy to protect, charge, enhance and beautify your smartphone. Here are some of the main options:

  • Case. The right smartphone case will protect your phone from drops and bumps and maybe even turn it into a much sleeker piece of equipment at the same time. Check out our section on the types of phone cases available further down the page and check out our guide to the best phone cases if you’re ready to start shopping.
  • Screen protectors. Most of us have cracked or just shattered at least one smartphone screen over the years. A screen protector is a thin plastic or glass film that provides an extra layer of protection against scratches and cracks. Our guide to the best screen protectors can help you make the right choice for your phone.
  • Car phone holders. Car phone holders attach to your dashboard, window or air vents so you can watch your phone while driving. They come in handy when using your smartphone for GPS navigation, and some also come with car chargers so you can boost your battery power on the go. For more details, check out our guide to the best car phone holders.
  • Wireless chargers. These handy accessories allow you to charge your phone’s battery without connecting it to a cable and wall outlet. They reduce clutter and provide a convenient way to ensure you have enough charge to last all day. For more, check out our guide to the best wireless chargers.
  • Power banks. These portable devices allow you to charge your smartphone or tablet on the go. They use a battery to store power and can be very useful if you’re away from power outlets all day.
  • Wall chargers and cables. Lost your phone charger or cable? You will find many replacement accessories to help you power your device.
  • Headphones and headsets. If your phone has a headset jack, a wide range of headphones and headsets are available. If there’s no outlet or you just want to get rid of cables altogether, there are plenty of cordless options available as well. Of course, if you want to share your audio with the world, you can also consider a Bluetooth speaker.
  • Legs/tripods. Finally, you can also purchase a range of stands and tripods. Stands let you prop your phone up for easy viewing, and some offer charging capability. Smartphone tripods are handy for anyone looking to improve their smartphone photography skills and experiment with different techniques.

How to Compare Mobile Phone Accessories

It’s always a good idea to compare mobile phone accessories before buying. Consider the following features when comparing your options.


The most crucial thing you need to check is whether the accessory you are considering is actually compatible with the model of smartphone you own. Read the fine print carefully to verify which models the accessory is designed for, and if you’re not sure which model phone you have, check the original packaging or instruction manual.

OEM products vs. third-party products

Buying accessories from the same company that made your phone — original equipment manufacturer (OEM) — means you can find products that are specifically designed to work with your phone. However, these accessories tend to be more expensive and the options available are limited.

Buying phone accessories from third-party manufacturers opens up a much wider range of options, many at more affordable prices. However, due to their generic nature in many cases they may not offer the same performance as OEM equipment.

Customer reviews

If possible, read a few reviews from other customers before buying, especially if you’re buying third-party products online. Was the accessory delivered as described? Does it work as promised? Have previous buyers encountered any issues or problems with the product?

This will help you buy with a bit more confidence, but it’s always worth checking the return policy just in case.


Your budget will also affect the accessories you choose. Although you generally tend to get what you pay for, that certainly doesn’t mean that the more expensive option is a better choice than the cheaper alternative.

Choose a cell phone case

With thousands of choices available, shopping for a smartphone case can be a bit overwhelming. Plastic and silicone are popular material options, leather provides a stylish look, and some rugged cases combine a hard outer material with a softer inner layer for added protection.

To make your decision easier, let’s take a closer look at the main options you have to choose from:

  • Leather and shell cases. Slimline cases let you keep your phone looking sleek while providing an extra layer of protection, but they aren’t known for their heavy-duty protection. Hard cases are also available, and some include bumpers for additional impact protection.
  • Flip cases. These cases provide open protection for your phone screen and can be opened when you need to use your device. Many double as a stand if you want to watch videos on your device.
  • Phone wallet cases. As the name suggests, these cases are very much like a wallet for your phone. They often also include storage slots for your cash, cards, and driver’s license.
  • Sturdy cases. Also known as rugged and durable cases, these accessories are designed to protect your phone from heavy drops and harsh treatment. Perfect for tradesmen and farmers, they can absorb impact and reduce the risk of you damaging your device, but they also tend to be bulky and heavy.

Looking for a case for your iPhone? Check out our guides to the best iPhone 12 cases and the best iPhone 11 cases.

3 things to consider

There are a few other factors you should consider before purchasing cell phone accessories:

  1. Check the return policy. When you buy mobile phone accessories online from a third-party manufacturer, there is always a risk that the product you buy may not be compatible with your phone. That’s why it’s a good idea to check a retailer’s return policy before you buy. So if you buy the wrong thing, you should be able to get your money back.
  2. Advanced smartphone accessories. We’ve only scratched the surface of the growing range of smartphone accessories available. From portable smartphone microscopes to mobile gamepads and video stabilizers, there is an impressive variety of high-tech accessories on the market. Do a little research and you might be surprised at what’s out there.
  3. Compare the prices. Don’t assume you have to pay the RRP for any mobile phone accessory. Compare prices from multiple retailers to take advantage of discounts and specials, and look for discount codes to help you find a better deal.