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India Mobile Phone Accessories Market to 2028 – Size, Share, Outlook and Opportunity Analysis –

the “India Mobile Phone Accessories Market, By Product Type, By Distribution Channel, By Price Range – Size, Share, Outlook and Opportunity Analysis, 2021-2028” report has been added to from offer.

Mobile phone accessories, or more properly called add-ons, come in many forms and varieties. They are designed to enhance the capabilities of cell phones and set them apart from their competitors.

Some of the most popular phone accessories available are cases, chargers, shells, headphones, Bluetooth headsets, GPS/RF chips, data cards and microprocessors. Cases are the most popular mobile phone accessories.

They come in different colors, shapes and designs. They are especially popular for Apple iPhone and Samsung devices as they allow users to extend the life of their smartphones. Case covers are usually silicone rubberized plastic or other materials. Most modern cases are also water resistant.

Main characteristics of the study:

  • This report provides an in-depth analysis of the Indian Mobile Phone Accessories market and provides the market size (Million US$) and compound annual growth rate (CAGR%) for the forecast period (2021-2028), by considering 2020 as the base year.

  • It elucidates potential revenue opportunities across different segments and explains attractive investment proposition matrices for this market.

  • This study also provides key insights into the market drivers, restraints, opportunities, new product launches or approvals, market trends, regional outlook, and competitive strategies adopted by key players.

  • It profiles leading India Mobile Phone Accessories market players based on the following parameters: Company Highlights, Product Portfolio, Key Highlights, Financial Performance and Strategies.

  • The information in this report would enable marketers and managing authorities of companies to make informed decisions regarding their future product launches, type upgrades, market expansion and marketing tactics.

  • The India Mobile Phone Accessories Market report is targeted at various stakeholders of this industry including investors, suppliers, product manufacturers, distributors, new entrants and financial analysts

  • Stakeholders would have an ease in making decisions through various strategic matrices used to analyze India Mobile Phone Accessories market

Detailed segmentation:

By product type

  • Protective case

  • Headphones/Earphones

  • Charger

  • Battery

  • Memory card

  • power bank

  • portable speakers

  • Others

By distribution channel

  • Multi-brand store

  • Organized store

  • Independent store

  • Monobrand store

By price range

  • Low price

  • Average price

  • premium price

By region

  • North India

  • South India

  • Eastern India

  • West India

Companies cited

  • Kingston Technology Society

  • Apple Inc.

  • SanDisk Corp.

  • Samsung Electronics Co.Ltd.

  • Skullcandy Inc.

  • Microsoft Corporation

  • Sony Corp.

  • Capdase International Limited

  • Moshi

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