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LG’s phone business is dead, but its phones are still getting Android 12

Despite his departure from the smartphone sector Last yearLG is rolling out Android 12 security patches and updates to some of its devices.

The company released a roadmap outlining software updates planned for the second quarter of this year. The Q52, Velvet, and Wing will receive the latest security patches while the Q92 5G, V50 ThinQ, and V50S ThinQ will receive an Android 12 update. The updates are slated for a Q2 release.

LG notes in the post that this is an interim roadmap “done prior to detailed technical review,” and if an update doesn’t meet the company’s usability standards, it may not. be published. The message also warns that some updates may not appear outside of Korea.

The roadmap follows the company’s three-year promise that it announcement shortly after announcing the demise of its smartphone business. He said “high-end phones released in 2019 and later (G-series, V-series, Velvet, Wing)” will get three iterations of Android updates (which we think means major updates) . It’s unclear whether or not the company plans to update phones to Android 13.

We’ve reached out to LG about the expected longevity of these updates given that the company no longer produces smartphones, and we’ll update this post if we hear anything back.

LG’s smartphone business has been around for a while before floundering in recent years. The company has repeatedly pushed the envelope with releases like the LG G2 and V10 which received rave reviews at their respective peak.

Unfortunately, it was flying too close to the sun with phones like the G5 (which we liked)and his subsequent attempts to change the game were met with always average reception. While many reviewers praised the new things the company was trying, they just weren’t good enough to really take off. the Wing for example was great in theory but had its fair share of issues like finding a target market.

Analysis: congratulations to LG

It’s encouraging to see that even though LG is done making new phones, it hasn’t dropped software support for some existing phone customers yet.

Although LG included the Wing in its three-year promise, it is not on the current roadmap to be released in Q2, implying that there is likely further optimization to be done for the form factor. unique to the phone.

The Stylo series and the K range of smartphones, however, seem to be over, as the three-year promise stipulated that these phones would only receive two major updates from their 2020 release year.

We think LG is doing reasonably well in delivering on its promise, but it remains to be seen how the roadmap will actually pan out.