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Mobile phone accessories company in Banbury is phasing out all virgin plastic

A mobile phone accessories company made caps from strawberry cartons and removed all virgin plastic from its entire product line.

Banbury-based mobile phone accessories maker Juice has succeeded in its mission to remove all single-use plastic from its products, five months ahead of schedule.

The company claims to be the first tech brand to achieve this.

In July 2020, Juice became the first mobile phone accessories manufacturer in the UK to remove all single-use plastic from its packaging.

However, the biggest challenge for the Juice team was removing all single-use plastic from their products, starting with the speakers, cables and power banks, followed by the wireless range and ” sector”.

Everything made by the company that previously used virgin plastic is now made from post-consumer waste collected from oceans, beaches and landfills, meaning they no longer make new plastic in any part of the business.

CEO and Founder Jolyon Bennett said: “We have always wanted to be a pioneering brand, flying the flag for sustainable technology hugely, and this latest achievement has allowed us to do just that.

“We really hope this will encourage other companies to follow this example.

“Cords made from strawberry punnets and speakers made from water bottles, we have 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic waste on the planet, so let’s get to it.

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“Every time we make something, that pile goes down.

“And we don’t take shortcuts. Juice products are the same product but made from post-consumer recycled plastic waste.

“The products perform the same and look the same – the quality remains the same.

“We’re just doing the right thing for the environment and seven months later that decision has proven to be the right one because not only are our eco-friendly products flying off the shelves, the juice is again and again being recognized for its sustainability initiative.”

Juice recently knocked its competitors out of the water for its sustainability drive, winning the titles of Best Accessory Manufacturer and Best Environmental Sustainability Initiative at the Mobile News Awards.

This was followed by shortlists for Accessory Manufacturer of the Year and Sustainability Initiative of the Year at the Mobile Industry Awards and now Established Business and Sustainable Business Award at Cherwell Business Awards.

The most recent accolade from the shortlist is for the Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards in Lloyds Bank Sustainable Business of the Year.

Juice sells a range of products, including wireless chargers, portable power banks, charging cables, wireless speakers, AC chargers, and more.

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