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NCC approves 1,843 phone brands for the Nigerian market

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has approved 1,843 brands of phones for the Nigerian market.

The telecommunications regulator revealed this in its “Type Approval” regulation published on Tuesday.

“The approved mobile handsets have been tested and found to comply with the applicable type approval standards required to enable them to be sold to consumers and operated in the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” NCC said.

The new approvals represent a total increase of 351, compared to the 1,492 phones approved in 2020 by the regulator.

Tecno Technology Shenzhen Co. Ltd, makers of Tecno, Infinix and Itel hold the largest share of the 321 handset brands combined, according to data analyzed by THE WHISTLER.

Samsung phones, which are manufactured by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, have received approval for more than 184 of its handsets.

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, China, has received approval for 136 brands of its Huawei mobile phones.

Nokia has received approval for 108 brands of its cellphones, according to the data.

Apple Inc. has received permission to sell 20 of its Iphone brands in the country.

ZTE, manufactured by ZTE Corporation, Shenzhen China has over 45 models approved for the Nigerian market.

Xiaomi Communications Co. Ltd has received approval for 30 of its Xiaomi phone brands. Additionally, 31 Oppo phone brands have been approved.

Other phones that received approval were Ericsson Mobile Phones (66 brands approved), Vivo (27 brands approved) and HTC (Hi Tech Computer) phones which has 14 brands among many other phone brands.

“The threat of counterfeit and substandard handsets has taken on a global dimension and requires a great deal of consumer education and collaboration with other government agencies to address it,” said Umar Danbatta, Executive Vice President of NCC.

He added: “Cases of influx and patronage of counterfeit handsets are more prevalent in developing countries, such as Nigeria, where importers import substandard phones without going through the regulatory approval process to certify these appliances as suitable for the market”.