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Nimble makes phone accessories from recycled plastic, CDs and more

Technological innovation is here to stay. With it comes the struggle to control e-waste and its assault on the environment. So the three co-founders of Nimble for Good, PBC have combined their vast experience in technology, marketing and design development to launch a brand of personal technology products committed to sourcing, manufacturing and l post-consumer disposal of ethical and sustainable materials.

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How it all began

The concept is simple, really – to develop and use products made from recycled materials to divert waste from landfill, be transparent as a business, and give customers an easy way to support these efforts with eco-friendly products. environment they use every day.

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With a solid industry track record and a quick $2.5 million from investors as a startup just two years ago, Nimble wasted no time getting into the tech market with the Bottle Case – a mobile phone case made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. With the sale of each case, the company donated “5% to those working to protect the planet’s oceans and marine life.” In keeping with the company’s mission to reduce pollution through material collection and post-consumer recycling, the Bottle Case was a standout release that paved the way for a variety of other products.

CEO Ross Howe summed up the vision saying, “Our oceans are drowning in plastic. We are not interested in creating new plastic to make phone cases. Virtually all phone cases made today require the production of virgin materials, when there is already an overwhelming abundance of plastics in the ecosystem. We want to keep existing plastic in the economy and out of our oceans and landfills.

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Nimble’s Phone Accessories

The team’s newest product, overseen by co-founders Howe, head of marketing Kevin Malinowski, and head of creative John Bradley, is simply called the Disc Case. This is the first protective iPhone case made from 100% recycled compact discs. The process involves collecting the CDs, cleaning them, and using the polycarbonate components for the phone cases. Using recycled materials eliminates the need for virgin plastic, but the phone cases are also recyclable when they are no longer usable.

“Think of the number of CDs, DVDs and software discs that are no longer in use,” Howe said. “Faced with obsolescence, most go to landfills or are incinerated, creating a massive stream of toxic waste and pollution. We continue to demonstrate how recycled materials in new products are essential to achieving a more sustainable future.

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Nimble also makes portable chargers with interiors made of plant-based hard plastics made from materials like corn and sugar cane. The devices also incorporate recycled aluminum and the natural mineral crystal, mica, which provides the non-slip exterior. Other eco-friendly products include wireless chargers and fast charging kits.

All products come with a biodegradable bag and prepaid mailing label that facilitates participation in the company’s e-waste recycling program, One-for-One Tech Recovery Project. All devices, phone cases, cables and cell phones are shipped directly to an e-waste recycling partner for proper disassembly and recycling. According to the company’s website, “Since August 2018, we’ve collected over 3,000 lbs. of e-waste, phone cases, and CDs from our customers for proper recovery through Homeboy Electronics Recycling and others. partners.

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Shipping, packaging and sustainable partnerships

The team is also focused on minimizing Nimble’s impact on shipping and manufacturing while continuing to explore material options such as recycled plastic, organic hemp, recycled aluminum, bioplastic and Moreover. Every product ships with 100% plastic-free options like recycled scrap paper and leaves out harmful inks or dyes. Each shipping container is fully recyclable and biodegradable.

Not everything in business can be internally controlled, so where Nimble relies on suppliers, they must agree to abide by the Supplier Code of Conduct. This means that all suppliers are assessed and vetted to ensure they share Nimble’s values ​​of worker rights, sustainable materials and minimal environmental impact.

Further underscoring its dedication to corporate responsibility, Nimble is one of approximately 3,600 B-certified companies worldwide, meaning it meets the highest standards for human and environmental considerations. Additionally, Nimble is committed to donating at least 1% of its annual sales to non-profit environmental organizations as a member of 1% for the Planet. Nimble has also partnered with Verizon Wireless as part of the telecommunications company’s initiative to provide more environmentally friendly options to its customers.

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