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Phone accessories brand String Ting launches clothing

Phone accessories brand String Ting launches recycled clothing

Spring Ting, the London label beloved for its kaleidoscopic beaded phone bracelets and crossbody straps, is launching a range of Instagram-worthy illustrated upcycled clothing and T-shirts

When the UK entered its first lockdown in 2020, Peckham-based Rachel Steed-Middleton started making and selling colorful DIY bracelets with her children and stepchildren. “We put chalk markers on the sidewalk and erected a lemonade stand-inspired installation where we live,” she says. ‘The rest is really history from there. I just kept beading.

The brand’s short history String Ting is familiar on Instagram and TikTok, as the brand’s beaded phone straps and cross-body straps – adorned with cartoon hearts, smiley faces and neon stars – have become the Gen equivalent. -Z of an It-bag. “I was looking for color in a time of darkness,” Steed-Middleton says of the upbeat aesthetic of her brand’s accessories, which are made by a female team of local makers in London. When the lockdown was lifted, String Ting’s team came together. When it was reimposed, they collected their beading supplies and made them at home. “The process reminded me of times when women would come together in the name of craftsmanship, and crochet or knit,” she adds.

String Ting Just Amplified Her Bling

Upcycled Striped Ralph Lauren String Ting Shirt

“I had the most important period of connection during a period of disconnection,” adds Steed-Middleton, referring to the unity that String Ting’s creations have brought to others during the Covid-19 pandemic. “A mother messaged me on Instagram explaining that she and her daughter, who couldn’t leave Hong Kong, had both purchased the same String Ting piece.”

Fresh off of a collaboration with jewelry and accessories brand Hillier Bartley – which saw the brand’s cute bunny motif morph into crystal beads on sparkling phone bracelets – String Ting has also announced its first foray in ready-to-wear. His debut clothing collection includes a range of upcycled vintage clothing and cartoon-illustrated t-shirts, designed by London-based graphic designer and illustrator Jiro Bevis. Here, smiling flowers leap across striped Ralph Lauren shirts, hearts leap across skater-centric long-sleeve t-shirts and flashing peace signs stroll across Benetton rugby shirts.

The next time you take a selfie as your phone tinkles with a String Ting bracelet, you can also wear one of the brand’s first wearables. Say “cheese!§