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Suspects rob Brownsburg cell phone store at gunpoint in possible crime spree

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BROWNSBURG, Ind. – Armed robbers raided a cell phone store in Brownsburg on Wednesday and tied up employees before fleeing with phones and cash. The company believes the two suspects have hit their stores multiple times in recent weeks.

“The feedback I’ve received from individuals in the bottom three is a higher level of trust for individuals,” Prime Communications Vice President of Midwest Region Derek Elsrod said of the suspects, “The biggest fear factor in my mind is the trust they can get?”

The other two incidents occurred in Greenfield and Shelbyville. So far, Brownsburg police say it’s too early to know if they’re all connected, but they’re actively investigating. Elsrod says their surveillance footage appears to show the same suspects. All three AT&T stores are owned by Prime Communications. They have about 2,000 stores across the country and 30 in the central Indiana region.

“It started in the beginning where they would come and act like customers, ask us for situations as far as you have that particular case or that phone?” Elsrod details, “The one from yesterday in Brownsburg was, they came with guns right out the door.”

Brownsburg employees led them to a safe in the back where they fled with cash and goods. Workers say they followed safety protocols.

“There’s no need for heroes, it’s the police,” said Joe Reuter, who was tied up that day. “If you get robbed, your only job is to be good at getting robbed. That’s what we did. You see enough, if it happens, to do what you’re supposed to do.

Elsrod says stolen phones or Apple Watches are blacklisted, and US cellphone companies have an agreement not to let blacklisted serial numbers be activated on a carrier.

“The problem, I think, is that these things are going overseas,” Elsrod says.

Prime Communication and law enforcement need your help in identifying these men. The company filmed the suspects filming their stores before the robberies. They are working to add additional protection resources to other locations in the region.