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The film’s money was allegedly given as payment at a local mobile phone store | News

Williamsport, Pennsylvania – When a cashier noticed words like “copy” and “for motion picture use only” on two $100 bills given to them as payment, they contacted Williamsport police.

Authorities said the man used his real name, Joshua Serrano, in the March 29 transaction. They knew Serrano from previous interactions, they said.

The 33-year-old Williamsport man was arrested and taken into custody days later after officers were able to locate him.

Serrano reportedly walked into the Metro by T-Mobile store at 500 Pine Street in the morning and selected a cell phone case, screen protector and service activation payment. Authorities said the total value of the items was $128.28.

The cashier accepted two $100 bills as payment, but police said they questioned the money. Serrano allegedly told the employee that the bills had recently been given to him at the bank. According to an affidavit, the money was accepted and Serrano received $71.72 in change.

Markings on both invoices were later discovered and the police were contacted.

Serrano was charged with second-degree false felony and two first-degree misdemeanors, including theft and receipt of stolen property. Serrano is being held on $25,000 bail at Lycoming County Jail.

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