Phone accessories

This tech brand is targeting the “throwaway culture” of phone accessories

Nolii wants to change the way people buy and view tech accessories with a focus on smarter design and sustainable materials.

Tech brand Nolii, which aims to create a more sustainable world for mobile accessories, was launched under the creative direction of studio Made Thought.

The products, which form a “modular ecosystem of connected technological accessories”, were initially imagined by co-founders Asad Hamir and Amar Radia.

Made Thought co-founders Ben Parker and Paul Austin joined as Nolii’s creative directors and created the brand’s identity. It is also the first project in which the designer duo invests. Daniel Barnes is Nolii’s product and design director.

How “Personal Challenges” inspired the lineup

case and wallet

Hamir tells Design Week that the range was inspired by his “personal challenges” with technology, from tangled cables to sudden battery loss in the middle of the day. More recently, he injured his head trying to pull his phone out of his pocket while running.

“All that everyday inconvenience turned into an ‘Einstein’ moment one day,” says Hamir. “I wanted to solve these problems not only for myself, but for everyone else who is also facing the same challenges.”

The name Nolii is taken from the first letters of the phrase, Nomadic Life Intelligence, according to Hamir. Nomadic is perhaps a reference to mobility that Nolii hopes to create for its users.

The fitness group

Products include a wallet that stores important cards with your phone and is held together by patented “Click Lock” technology. The locking system means you can connect your case to a range of lifestyle accessories.

In response to that jogging-related head injury, there’s a fitness band that holds phones securely in place while you work out. A “functional and easy to use” detachment mechanism allows users to quickly respond to calls during training.

Specifically targeting the disposable nature of phone accessories, Nolii has created “tangle-free” cables that have reinforced collar stops to prevent breakage.

Hamir hopes the product line will help people adjust to the much-talked-about “new normal”. “Our new normal has never been so tech-infused as it is today,” says Hamir. In the coming months, two new systems will be added to the range.

Careful attention has been paid to design details, from the “vibrant” colorways to the “tactile finish”. Hamir says they will experiment with these details in the future.

More sustainable product design

There are many tech brands that have similar products and can be seen on the high street. Most people had to buy a replacement phone cord only to break a few months later. What sets Nolii apart for new investors Parker and Austin?

The design-driven ethos sets the brand apart, according to the co-founders of Made Thought. This includes material design, for example. “Hardened” polycarbonate was used for case and battery products, and Kevlar was used in the cables to reinforce connecting parts.

The designers also hope Nolii’s modular orientation will help the products adapt to an ever-changing world. Parker says the changing balance between where we work and live will impact design going forward. People’s needs are changing and what we need in terms of technology has changed. The idea is that all designs can be incorporated into future products, which will hopefully promote sustainability as well as innovation.

Products start at £25.